Boeing B-29 Armament:

Ten .50 Caliber Machine guns in four remotely controlled Turrets
plus two more in Tail Turret, controlled from five points in aircraft.

photos: USAF
20,000 Lbs. of Bombs in two Bomb Bays.

One aircraft per squadron modified for
 Tarzon VB-13 / ASM-A1 and
 Razon VB-3 / VB-4
radio guided bombs

12,000 Lb. Tarzon
  under body experimental at Boeing Plant

photo: USAF
George helped load the first Tarzon dropped in combat

1000 Lb. Razon on stand

photo: USAF

Tarzon on stand

photo: USAF

Tarzon mounted below B-29 (bomb is 21 ft. long)

photo: USAF

The 19th. Bomb Group's Modified B-29s:
with a B-50 bombsight canopy pane
Lucifer 10 Tarzon and 6 Razon
 red tails are for Flare used to sight Bomb for guiding
Southern Comfort
Razin Hell
Note that these three planes are very close in serial numbers, 45, 46 and 49
 the other original Tarzon plane was 45-21748, used as a test bed at Eglin AFB, FL

Now at the National Atomic Museum, NM
Miss NC, later modified for Tarzon drops
Miss NC, prepping for Tarzon mission

Tarzon progran abandoned after crash of "Southern Comfort" on 3/29/51
and the loss of 19th. Bomb Grp. Commander Col. Jennings
 and crew of 11 men, they tried to "safe drop" a Tarzon from low altitude,
 but bomb armed itself and exploded on impact, destroying plane.